Types of Funerals: Burial

Grave burial is one of the oldest and most traditional types of Funerals. The deceased is placed in a casket and buried in either a single row plot or family grave site.

As a general rule, the deceased is buried in or near their hometown. Only in exceptional cases can a cemetery in another location be chosen.

Relatives and loved ones can always visit the grave whenever they feel the need, place flowers or other items there in memory of the deceased, and be close to the departed.



Cremation can be done with or without a Funeral service. In this form of Funeral, the deceased is cremated in a casket or a cremation container at a crematorium. The remaining cremains are stored in a permanent urn or a temporary cremation container until final disposition is arranged by the family for burial or scattering of cremains which is left to the family discretion.

Cremation can be performetery for burial. The choices of burial sites range from an urn burial site, family grave site, mausoleum or anonymous urn burial plot.